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Plumbing Repairs


Plumbing Installations

Water Heaters

Alamance County Plumber

North Carolina Plumbing Services 

At Epic Construction we provide professional solutions for all types of plumbing issues, including clogged drains, leaky faucets, faulty backflow valves, broken garbage disposals, and more. Our plumbers are experts in identifying and solving the toughest problems quickly and cost-effectively.

With nearly a century of experience, you can depend on us for all your plumbing needs, including:

  • Plumbing repairs

  • Plumbing installations

  • Water heater services

  • Bathroom and kitchen plumbing

  • Emergency repairs

All our plumbers are licensed, certified, and insured, so you can expect to receive the highest quality work. We also go above and beyond to provide you with superior customer experience.

 call (336) 539-1720 today to have our experts inspect and correct your plumbing problems for you.

Repairing Your Current Plumbing System

When plumbing issues arise, you need a reliable company that can provide fast and effective solutions. We take every job seriously and pay close attention to all the details to make sure we address the problem at its source.

The quicker you resolve serious problems, the less likely you are to incur extensive water damage and expensive repair costs. If you have a plumbing issue that is putting you or your home in danger, call us right away.

​Installing the Right Plumbing Equipment

All plumbing components, such as drains, pipes, toilets, and garbage disposals, have a limited lifespan. The better you maintain your plumbing fixtures, the longer they will last. However, at some point, they will need to be replaced.

When that time comes, it can be beneficial to have an experienced plumbing contractor by your side. Let Epic Construction Construction help you navigate through your myriad of options and find what works best for you. Our skilled technicians will make sure to set up your new plumbing components correctly and prepare them for maximum performance and longevity.

Contact Epic Construction Inc Services now to discuss your needs with our plumbers. Call or text 336-539-1720
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